• LOUIS CARDIN – Sama Al Emarat Oud EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Sama Al Emarat Oud EDP (100ml)

    Sama Al Emarat opens with the intimate scent with rich and complex notes of balanced sweetness of caramel, lemon and powdery notes of Oriental spices. The special charm of this magic elixir gives a beautiful combination of light cognac with gourmet subtone of leather, oriis root and jasmine. the base of the perfume is the dazzling combination of amber, cashmere, vetiver, sandalwood, musk and oud.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Unique Men EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Unique Men EDP (100ml)

    Unique Men opens with delightful fragrance of lemon, orange, bergamot, peach, apple, plum, pink pepper and green notes. The aroma is enriched with floral notes of several flowers. The base of the fragrance lands on cedar wood, white musk and ambergris.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Gemz EDP (75ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Gemz EDP (75ml)

    Gemz opens with very bright and beautiful combination of floral citrus and aromatic spicy notes. The aroma is a beautiful blend of moss, benzoin, tonka beans, vanilla and cedar wood. A beautiful bottle sitting pleasantly in a bright gift box!

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    LOUIS CARDIN – Bleu Marine EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Bleu Marine EDP (100ml)

    Bleu Marine opens with the fresh fruity aroma of bergamot, neroli, lemon, orange and green apple. Charming notes of rose, jasmine, orris, ginger, coconut and pineapple sound at the heart of the flavour. The enchanting beauty of this creation in the base is given by the warm woody chords of balm, amber, sandalwood, cedar wood and musk.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Scentanium EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Scentanium EDP (100ml)

    Scentanium opens with luxury fragrance of rosemary giving citrus spicy aroma to the perfume with lemon and cardamon. It is combined with apple, patchouli, bergamot and spicy fragrance. The fragrance is enriched with warm, musky, rich and honey-like rose aroma of musk, cedar wood, amber, guaiac and mint.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Credible Noir EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Credible Noir EDP (100ml)

    Credible Noir opens with unique blend of citrusy notes that gives the fascinating fragrance of rose, jasmine, lily and freshness of melon, pear and red berry. Base notes add richness, class and elegance which is combined with musk, amber, vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Credible Homme Oud EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Credible Homme Oud EDP (100ml)

    Credible Homme opens with zesty and fresh notes of bergamot, neroli, lemon, orange and green which is infused with sensual floral fragrances of rose, jasmine, orris and ginger. The aroma gives woody musky fragrance which is a attractive blend of oud, sandalwood, cedar wood, leather and musk.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Lumination EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Lumination EDP (100ml)

    Lumination opens with floral fruity fragrances of orange, lemon, jasmine, bergamot and neroli. The perfume is merged with spicy sweet facet earthy aroma of cyclamen, nutmeg, mignonette, coriander, violet, freesia, sea notes. The base of perfume is beautifully combined with the richness and elegance of amber, patchouli, oak-moss, cedar wood, white musk.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Aspiration EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Aspiration EDP (100ml)

    Aspiration opens with floral fruity fragrances of lemon, cypress, lavender and pepper. The aroma has fresh, baby-like, soapy clean fragrant emerged with orange blossom, patchouli and thyme and the perfume lands on base note of leather, amber and sandalwood.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – King of Fortunes Oud EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – King of Fortunes Oud EDP (100ml)

    King of Fortune opens with citrus aroma of lemon and bergamot. The scent is mingled with a note of sweet floral sexy muskiness and a charming sweet/spicy fragrance that is reminiscent of cedar wood, honey and tonka beans.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Holiday EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Holiday EDP (100ml)

    Holiday opens with an oriental spiciness of nutmeg, ginger, Labdanum, sandalwood and patchouli giving little peppery sharp, pungent, aromatic, long lasting effect. Infused with the tangy essence of mint and lemon, floral notes of jasmine, and a base of cedar wood, grapefruit, incense, pink pepper and amber, this citrus perfume strikes the perfect balance of fruity, floral, and earthy scents.