• LOUIS CARDIN – Unique Men EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Unique Men EDP (100ml)

    Unique Men opens with delightful fragrance of lemon, orange, bergamot, peach, apple, plum, pink pepper and green notes. The aroma is enriched with floral notes of several flowers. The base of the fragrance lands on cedar wood, white musk and ambergris.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Farrier Sports EDP (95ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Farrier Sports EDP (95ml)

    Farrier sports open with fresh fruity notes of pineapple, green, mandarin orange, papaya and bergamot. Fragrance smells soft, powdery and romantic, it is a beautiful blend of nutmeg, violet, jasmine and base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and oak-moss.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Silver EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Silver EDP (100ml)

    Silver opens with rich aromatic fruity fragrance of fresh fruits. The aroma gives peppery sharp, pungent, aromatic, and warm odour of spices and fruits like ginger and jasmine. The fragrance is mingled with the spiciness and woody fragrance of sandalwood, cedar wood, white musk, tonka bean, vanilla.

  • LOUIS CARDIN – Credible Noir EDP (100ml)


    LOUIS CARDIN – Credible Noir EDP (100ml)

    Credible Noir opens with unique blend of citrusy notes that gives the fascinating fragrance of rose, jasmine, lily and freshness of melon, pear and red berry. Base notes add richness, class and elegance which is combined with musk, amber, vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli.